Welcome to the MCPS online application for a licence

  As you have not previously selected the type of licence you wish to apply for, Please choose the appropiate option below.

Retail Licence (AP2)

  A licence granted by MCPS under the AP2 scheme for the manufacture and distribution of audio products (CDs / LPs) for retail sale to the public for private use is granted in accordance with the terms and conditions of the AP2 agreement.
To make an application please visit the Network of Music Partners’ (NMP) website. If you have bookmarked this page, please update your bookmark with the new page location
NMP is a joint venture between MCPS and the Danish society NCB.
When you continue you will be transfered to the new NMP site.

Music Promotions to Trade (AP4)

  A licence granted by MCPS under the AP4 scheme for the issuing of audio products (CDs/LPs) in the UK as Trade Samplers or 'demos' used for promotion. They are not for retail sale. All products must be marked with the word 'Promotional Copy - Not For Sale'.